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Privacy on expresses selectively the boundaries and content of what is considered individually. However, it still ensures the common rules. is the great address for players to explore the horror Fnaf games and the upcoming terrifying spin-off called Sister Location. These games attract a large number of people worldwide. At, you are not able only to experience but also learn more about new topics, features, and catch up with latest updates. To satisfy all of the users and guests on, administrators set a privacy policy. This privacy will help you use your right and obligations properly. Because users information is saved on this website, you are recommended to read carefully.

Privacy Policy Of
Privacy Policy Of

Log Files

Log files are used to support us to find out and gather demographic data, boot a website, and track actions of users. Log files also include the info on ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet protocol addresses, browsers, along with details of visitors, the time they access, and much more.


Cookies will secure the information of users, especially, their individual preferences. Cookies allow us to follow users, too. It can change the page content when users use websites which being activated on their browsers.

Web Beacons

Web beacons can cling to the navigation through more than a website. When combining web beacons with cookies, they can help the webmaster understand how users browse through a website and get its content.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google is the third party which provides advertisements. By using the Dart Cookie, Google can bring these ads to clients. Also, the ads will be considered as the content of this site or other ones.

In case the users want to use cookies, they need to open Google, access, search for the content of the privacy policy.

The third parties will perform their ads and links after applying their tech. Users will get the ads through browsers that they use. Aside from that, the third party can check and evaluate the productiveness with Cookies, Web Beacons, or JavaScript. If you’d like to collect more detailed news, you can research the privacy policies or the advertisers. If you don’t want to allow cookies to run, you can stop it with some of the personal browser options. You should refer nice websites which controlling specific browsers to look for further info about how to handle cookies and browsers.

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