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Ultimate Custom Night Online

Ultimate Custom Night Online is a horror game that your mission is to survive at all times. In the new challenge, you will take the role of a young night shift security guard. You will work at a local vintage restaurant. And, remember that you are not allowed to leave your office until the next day. In other words, it seems that you are being trapped in your room. Meanwhile, robots that you are assigned to follow are able to roam around areas in the building. Via the camera’s screen, you can recognize that they have the strange action. More importantly, they will think that you should be eliminated. Thus, these machines will find every way to break into your place to capture you before they stuff you into an empty suit.

In the Ultimate Custom Night Online game, you will be given some tools. Especially, you can close the door to stop the monster from sneaking into. But, you need to note that the oxygen and power are limited. Do not waste them!

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