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Let’s join Torchica – FNaF and Pokemon now to conquer all creepy challenges! This is another FNaf flash game that you can play online for free. The game is based on the original FNaF games created by Scott Cawthon and in this version, you will have to deal with Torchica – a fearsome animatronic coming from the official games. Different from the main games, the flash version is not long but its gameplay is still unique and impressive. You will play as a security guard who has to deal with Torchica. This animatronic is getting angry and trying to enter your office for killing you. Your main objective is to interact with the items in the game and try your hardest to run away from the wrath of this animatronic. If you can’t solve this mission in time, Torchica will jumpscare you, which means that your game will be over. You ready? Start the game now and see if you can beat this challenge or not!

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