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SpringTrap’s Rampage is another funny and challenging FNaF flash game opening a slashing battle for you. The game is inspired by the original FNaF games created by Scott Cawthon. The main character here in this fan game is SpringTrap which is known as a creepy and fearsome animatronic coming from FNaF 3. Springtrap is sick of following the rules and being a servant of the humans. He doesn’t want to do this job anymore and now he is ready to take on a cool mission for his revenge. But he doesn’t have many great skills to conquer it. Spingtrap already accepted a mission given by another animatronic. He has to create a bloody slaughter and try to kill all humans. That’s why he is calling for your help because you’re the only one who can help him finish this task. So, let’s get ready to use your weapons, go through many rooms, launch your attacks to the enemies, and try to survive until the end. Wish you luck!

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