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Springtrap Leek Spin – FNAF Animation is a hilarious fan-made game where you will explore funny challenges The game is very amazing to play! With the inspiration from FNaF games created by Scott Cawthon, this fan game features a familiar character that you have encountered in the original FNaF 3. He is Springtrap that is known as a fearsome animatronic trying to enter te office and attack you. He has a creepy look and always puts on a suit like Bonnie. In this version, you will also play with him but he has a different look. Springtrap is spinning the leek and you should try to find a tiny Easter Egg, catch it and be sure that you can finish your game. There will be a creepy jumpscare at the end of the game too. But let’s see if that jumpscare can make you frightened or not! Start your game right now! Have fun with it!

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