FNF: Funkin’ Nights at Freddy’s

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How to play: Just click the arrows corresponding to the arrow running on the screen to score points

FNF: Funkin’ Nights at Freddy’s Gameplay

FNF Funkin’ Nights at Freddy’s unblocked online is an exciting musical battle between you and the cyborgs. You fight for your survival and conquer enemies with music.

FNAF games became even more popular and inspired many fan games, such as FNF Funkin’ Nights at Freddy’s. Classical music now takes on a new face, where the familiar robotic images in FNAF rise up again.

You will meet Freddy, the oldest robot in the pizza restaurant from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s games. But this time, you won’t hide from him during the dark night watch. Instead, you’ll confront him directly in musical battles with the arrows on your keyboard.

Play your tunes well before you face the horrors. You can choose the right level to enjoy the music at a comfortable level. However, the increase in music speed over time is inevitable. Therefore, you need to be familiar with it and ensure the accuracy in each operation.

This time, you have up to 6 songs to sing with Freddy in two weeks. It includes Party, Gelotophobia and Five-Nights in week 1, Funtime, No-More-Hiding and Broken in week 2. Each song has its own nuances with catchy, thrilling beats, promising to bring out the different feeling of playing music from FNF games.

FNF vs Freddy game comes from the following creators:

  • Dragoness: Coder and creator of animation art.
  • Jova: Music composer and customiser.

Attention, this game is available to play online on computer, phone or tablet. So, nothing seems to stand in the way of your experience with the great new soundtracks in FNF Funkin’ Nights at Freddy’s.

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