FNAF Battle

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How to play: Press A or left arrow key to use a High Block, press S or down arrow key to use a Low Block Press W or the upper arrow key to use a High Punch, press D or the right arrow key to use a Low Punch

FNAF Battle Gameplay

Exciting battles in FNAF Battle unblocked will give you a new perspective on FNAF games. The animatronics are fighting for their place in the dark world, you see?

You won’t hide like a weak human anymore, instead you are one of the craziest animatronics. Yes, that’s your role in this game, and get ready for endless wars. You will choose one of the familiar characters of the FNAF series and start the competition now.

You have up to 5 interesting options, including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Golden Freddy. Each character has its own appearance and skills associated with its origin. Whoever you choose to start with, you have your own unique advantages. But what matters is how you will use it to your advantage to get the upper hand.

You will enter a 1v1 confrontation with another animatronic until one of the two sides loses all HP. But simply click the keys to attack or defend. You need to remember the maneuvers and take advantage of the enemy’s openings to give him a great hit. If you win, you will have a new battle to compete against.

So, present yourself as the strongest Five Nights at Freddy’s character. Everyone who sees you is also terrified, do you like that? Not hiding like before, you are now the craziest in the typical animatronics world. And you will decide the rules of that world if you are the ruler.

FNAF Battle is a completely different gameplay compared to any FNAF game. It consists of uncompromising battles between robots. Each character has its own characteristics that interest you. But who will you choose to start and take him to the top?

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