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A new love quest is waiting for you in Five Days At Jumpscare Academy which is a hilarious and awesome fan-made game inspired by FNaF games. This is another FNaF Dating Sim where you have to start your love adventure. The game takes place in a Jumpscare Academy and you are a student here. Your main mission is to go around and enter many rooms to find the animatronics. These characters keep roaming around, so you must check on all locations and try to meet them. When an animatronic shows up, you must start talking to it, give it your answers, or give it a kiss, a hug or even kick it if you want. The more you interact with them, the more feelings they have for you. There are three levels of affection, including Acquaintance, Friend and Significant Other. Your goal is to make the animatronics fall in love with you. The game features 5 different characters, 9 different endings and lots of stuff to explore.

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