Woppy and Friends

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Woppy and Friends unblocked is a scary game with lots of horror elements and challenges. In Woppy and Friends, you survive the attacks of Woppy and his friends.

Woppy and Friends is the new chapter in the FNaF Woppy and Friends game series. It comes from a fan who is interested in the FNaF series created by Scott Cawthon.

Woppy and Friends FNAF download challenges your courage and survival skills

Instead of playing with Freddy Fazbear and his friends like in other FNAF games, now you play with Woppy and Friends characters. The gameplay mechanic seems to be quite the same as in the original series. However, the environments, characters, graphics, and other features will be different.

FNAF WaF Download
FNAF WaF Download

Get your courage ready for the horror adventure in Woppy and Friends game

In WaF game, you also play as a worker who watches over a restaurant at night. You work here for some nights and try to complete the objective which is to keep the restaurant safe. However, it is not easy because the animatronics make movements at night.

FNAF Woppy and Friends

File Size: 45 MB - Version: 0.3.0

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Therefore, you need to use strategies as well as tactics to outplay them. By using strategies and tactics, you can survive the nights and become the winner.

Woppy and Friends game is an FNAF scary download game with scary animatronics, creepy environments, coding, as well as sound effects. You can download and play it to explore them.

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