Twisted Insanity 2

Twisted Insanity 2

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FNAF Twisted Insanity 2 Download

Twisted Insanity 2 a free FNAF Download fangame is completely available to get and play! Explore your goal and complete it quickly without being torn apart! You will start a strange story like a man. Your wife is the person who tried to blow up scary creatures by using a gas cylinder when they tended to kidnap your child. However, that explosion did not kill all. Now, you are trapped in their base without knowing why you come there. Join Twisted Insanity 2 Gamejolt and show up your abilities to escape from the gang as soon as possible! Keeping your body safe until the end will open up the way out that you are looking for. You will not have much time to search for their true identity. Attempt to focus on defending your life from these monsters and stay alive at the moment that the challenge is stopped! Are you willing to face those evil characters and win? Good luck!

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