Five Nights in Their World

Five Nights in Their World

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Five Nights in Their World
Five Nights in Their World

 Five Nights in Their World is a horror FNaF fan game. Survive six hours in a dark building and you can level up! Try to defend your player from animatronic monsters! They are scary creatures that can roam and jump to catch you. Do not let them have any chance to approach your room! Otherwise, they will make you lose. 

Five Nights in Their World by HeroGollum is a 2D Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired remake available on Gamejolt. Not only that, it is free for you to download and enjoy the latest version! Especially, you can roam a bit during your shift. Don’t worry! Your adventure will happen in familiar places. Be careful while digging deeper into the tragic past events of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, Hungry Hayley’s Diner and the Dynamite Dancers! Checking security cameras can gather important images. Currently, Chapter 1 is officially released while entries 2-5 have not been started. Have fun!

Five Nights in Their World Chapter 1

File Size: 233MB - Version: 0.1.0

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