Five Nights at Thomas’s 4

Five Nights at Thomas’s 4

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If you are interested in horror adventure game, then you should take a chance to join Five Nights at Thomas’s 4 now and begin your creepy challenges. The game is in Early Access and downloadable for now. Based on the original Five Nights at Freddy’s games by Scott Cawthon, you will have to face more animatronics and other fears in this fan-made game as well. The game takes place when Thomas’s Pizza Railway 3.0 blew up  already, and this is a chance for you to unravel the mysteries in Sir Topham Hatt’s story. Your adventure will begin from there, and conquering it is your main mission in the game. You are supposed to venture into many dark locations, collect more hints, interact with the items and use your skills to surpass all dangers. The animatronics can get you anytime, so you must focus on your game and beat them all. Wish you luck!

Five Golden Nights at Freddy's

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