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ALTA’S FRIGHT is a horror fangame of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Play and try to defend from animatronic characters until you win! Otherwise, you will be destroyed! It is a cool challenge called the VK2 experiment. It is about a test that people can see how robots of XTADIA corps. are working. Meanwhile, Alta’s Fright has found it the second location of Alta’s Birthday Event. 

Download and enjoy ALTA’S FRIGHT free you will be moved to a dark building. It is the place of some scary creatures. They love to hide in the shadows and jump to scare you. To survive and escape, you must block them first. You need to supervise their movement to prevent them from breaking into your area. They are cunning and they can surprise you whenever if you skip any details. Fnaf ALTA’S FRIGHT Gamejolt is available to experience. Specifically, version 1.2.1 is ready for you to access. It includes many bugs fixed, the hard mode that is easier to conquer, and a custom night. Good luck! 

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